Count’n Ounces and Treasure-hunting


When there is one particular thing I heard, it is the the capability of’rely’n Ounces.’ Inside my prior life, I went”to the area” in a plane, when the time arrived… jumped. I jumped with a parachute. I jumped having a reserve parachute. And, I jumped with a rucksack and also LBE (Load Bearing tools… which is military jargon to get a canteen belt and suspenders) that contained everything I’d need available if you ask me personally to accomplish everything was was moving to this field . Let’s not forget about your weapon, fertilizers, and other munitions. All informed everything I moved outside the doorway of the air craft taking anywhere from 120-160 kilos… and more. Thank goodness, the parachute did its job.

When I commenced my livelihood, we’d a rucksack identified as a”jungle ruck.” It consisted of a tubular metallic framework and also a bag which held only 1 1/2 to 2 cubic feet of distance. Not a great deal of room, believing everything we’d to take. On the frame (usually the top fifty percent ) we’d strap on a watertight bag that transported sleeping gear and maybe a few other things. Now for a soldier maneuvering into the discipline for 14-30 times, the first priority that goes in the ruck is mission critical supplies and equipment. For me personally, that meant that a minimum of one heavy radio, several batteries (massive batteries), antenna manufacturing supplies (cable, insulators, rope, etc. ) ), and also a bunch on other miscellaneous stuff. Then arrived my talk of other required club devices.

From then on, I will begin looking at your own needs. Food, clothes, toiletries, sleeping gear,”snivel gear,” and the like. Every male needed his standard list of private things he required. And exactly what exactly you chose was as small and lightweight as you possibly can. You literally started’Count’n Ounces’ because you’re going to carry every ounce you chose. And in case you can become a way leaving that additional ounce behind, you also did. Here is a good example: Back then, you were issued just one of two kinds of area rations: C-rations or even LRRP’s. Crations were also”wet food.” It arrived at a box which had individual cans of the most important meal, cake, bread, breads, peanut butter, all. It had a sundry kit that had coffee, creamer, pepper, salt, toilet paper, and a few other things. The full C-Rat may weigh two to two 1/2 lbs. You might either take that entire point… or… you could break out it and then accept what you desired and also leave the rest behind. And that is what we did. I really couldn’t eat this carton. It stayed driving. I didn’t want to have the creamer. Out it moved. No matter was inside that box I wasn’t planning to swallow, I left behind. It could have just totaled a ounce or 2, but that’s weight that I didn’t have to take. That which was inspected in this type of manner. The absolute most valuable lesson I learned was that the notion of”Dual Use”

What is Double Use? It’s the assortment of items that I took together that could possibly be properly used for two or more responsibilities. Convenience, however menial, was crucial for people in the area. If you were able to take some thing that’d a double use that also supplied some method of comfort, it was worth its weight in gold. What’s a good case of a dual use thing? A canteen cup. The older G.I. canteen cup was manufactured of stainless , also molded in such a manner in which the canteen in shape indoors. It was relatively thick, however you could utilize to heat food up, consume java, scoop water up from a shallow creek to put into the canteen (sure… we used eucalyptus pills to purify the drinking water )warm water to sterilization of medical instruments, collect berries along with alternative native edibles, as well as such. Another dual use thing? More or less every single person had a”drive-on-rag.” This was a Tri-angle cloth referred to as a cravat which he wore round his throat for heat (when cold) or to hold some thing around (such as a flashlight), tie round his head to hold perspiration out of his eyes (when sexy ), also to make use of like a filter to germs and other particles out of water getting collected and hauled in to the canteen (from your canteen cup). A multipurpose knife, like a Leatherman, has been likewise common. It’d a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, punches, even a noticed. Parachute cord (aka 550 cable ) proved to be invaluable.

We had the other saying,”journey mild – Freeze in night time.” Sleep bags have been heavy… specially if they have moist (military totes are filled). Better yet to choose a poncho liner (nylon) plus a lightweight poncho (additionally nylon) and wrap them up in the night. Less hot, however, much less heavy. The rucksack has been that the pillow. No kayak either. Insteadwe used a second poncho lined upward using 550 cord.

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